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My name is Bocky and I am a professional and certified English teacher.

In my free time I am a music producer, DJ, and a passionate gamer. Yes, I like to play computer games very much. :-)

Other than that, I like traveling, meeting new people and learning all about various cultures and lifestyles.

I am someone who likes to constantly learn about new things and that is something I have in common with students.

I have worked as an English teacher in private school of foreign languages, that was when I realized that I want to make more out of it. Soon enough, I started my Online teaching career and that has been my passion ever since. Most important thing is that I teach with a real smile on my face and it makes me really happy. Working with adults and children, I developed many skills when it comes to teaching technique. My approach is very friendly, caring, and effective and that makes my classes different.

Happy to see you in my classes. :-)

Bocky is a professional and certified English teacher. He has many hobbies. In his free time he is a music producer, DJ and he really likes to play computer games! He loves meeting new people from different cultures. His teaching approach is friendly and caring so book his class and find out for yourself!

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Students Reviews

- September 11, 2018
Thanks a lot! I am really appreciate this Lesson. I hope to see you soon!
- July 24, 2018
- July 07, 2018
- July 03, 2018
- May 22, 2018
- May 21, 2018
He is enthusiastic and gentle tutor. I recommend to anyone who wants to improve the knowledge.
- May 20, 2018
Me had good friend Bocky, he nice he good he, teach me again teacher Bocky.
- May 14, 2018
- May 08, 2018