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Toronto University, Masters Degree in English
oil-painting, mythology, history
painting, going for a walk, drawing
Favorite Movie(s)
Lord of the Rings
Favorite Music
Epic music, jazz, rock, pop
Favorite Book(s)
"The White Queen" Philippa Gregory, "The Red Queen" Philippa Gregory

Hello everyone, my name is Angela! I have been teaching English both online and offline for 9 years in total. I have Master's degree in English, and I am also TEFL certified. I like teaching because it gives me the opportunity to help people improve their skills and grow as learners. I am creative, enthusiastic and supportive, and I easily adapt to students' levels and interests. I enjoy teaching both adults and kids! Come to my class and let me show you that learning English can be fun!

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Students Reviews

Ena Ese
- December 07, 2021
Thank you for another amazing class!
Marija Dražić
- March 05, 2021
Angela is a great tutor with a bubbly personality. I have enjoyed the session very much!
junco kimura
- February 17, 2020
Enjoy class♪♪♪
junco kimura
- January 30, 2020
It was a very fun class♪
明任 唐
- November 20, 2019
- November 08, 2019
Angela 老师的口音纯正,语速适中。作为初学者,我也能很好理解她说的英语。谢谢Angela 老师!