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口语 口语 语法 语法 语音 语音 儿童 (4-13) 儿童 (4-13) 青少年 (14-19) 青少年 (14-19) 成年人 (20+) 成年人 (20+) 对孩子们非常好 对孩子们非常好 对初学者非常好 对初学者非常好 对 “描述一张照片课”非常好 对 “描述一张照片课”非常好 对 “讨论课“非常好 对 “讨论课“非常好 推荐免费讲座 推荐免费讲座 Certified Certified


Toronto University, Masters Degree in English
oil-painting, mythology, history
painting, going for a walk, drawing
Lord of the Rings
Epic music, jazz, rock, pop
"The White Queen" Philippa Gregory, "The Red Queen" Philippa Gregory

Hello everyone, my name is Angela! I have been teaching English both online and offline for 9 years in total. I have Master's degree in English, and I am also TEFL certified. I like teaching because it gives me the opportunity to help people improve their skills and grow as learners. I am creative, enthusiastic and supportive, and I easily adapt to students' levels and interests. I enjoy teaching both adults and kids! Come to my class and let me show you that learning English can be fun!


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Students Reviews

Marija Dražić
- March 05, 2021
Angela is a great tutor with a bubbly personality. I have enjoyed the session very much!
junco kimura
- February 17, 2020
Enjoy class♪♪♪
junco kimura
- January 30, 2020
It was a very fun class♪
明任 唐
- November 20, 2019
- November 08, 2019
Angela 老师的口音纯正,语速适中。作为初学者,我也能很好理解她说的英语。谢谢Angela 老师!