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Art, sport, fashion, animals, food making;
Painting, drawing, reading;
Citizen Kane, Gone with the wind;
From modern to classic, but my favorites are definitely the ones who stand behind the group Bonobo.
Brave New World- Aldus Huxley, Lust for Life -Irving Stone, Man and boy- Tony Parsons

Hi, my name is teacher Mila. ! Usually, I let my creativity hop in and make both my classes and my life more interesting! From the moment I took a pen, I draw, paint, and make stuff out of different materials. I went to art schools and also played volleyball for 10 years. I am very communicative and friendly and I think that make us stand out as teachers. When it comes to my previous experience, I was working with both children and adults, both group and individual classes. With children, I use all the possible techniques to make classes fun and memorable, with adults I use all my knowledge and wit to relate to them on a personal level. Teaching is the most rewarding job I know of and I hope to see you in my classes!

Teacher Mila is one of our more experienced tutors. With years of tutoring experience, especially with children, she knows exactly what each student needs in order to progress fast.


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