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University of Nis - Faculty of law
Working out, music.
Lifting weights
Favorite Movie(s)
Get rich or die tryin'
Favorite Music
Hip Hop
Favorite Book(s)
The Last Convoy

Hi! My name is Andrew! I am a Bachelor of Laws from 2016. and certified military police officer who is also an iron addict. :)

I love English language and I'm speaking it since 13 years and ever since English/American culture is with me mostly because of hip hop music and movies.

Meeting new people and getting familiar with their culture is main reason why I started tutoring and teaching English, so book my class let's get to know each other better and learn English together :)

Teacher Andrew has a very impressive background! He majored in law, became a certified military police officer and is a fitness addict. He started loving English mostly because of American culture. He loves meeting new people and getting to know new cultures, and that is one of the reasons he started teaching English!

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Students Reviews

- March 01, 2019
He is an excellent teacher. I enjoyed talking with him very much.
junco kimura
- November 16, 2018
junco kimura
- November 14, 2018
roy C
- November 10, 2018
Nice to talk to Andrew again, learning some business topics, that really helped me.
roy C
- November 08, 2018
Andrew is really nice man, thank you for sharing me some workout knowledge and teaching me English words about exercises.
junco kimura
- November 02, 2018
junco kimura
- November 01, 2018
junco kimura
- October 29, 2018
- October 29, 2018
I always enjoy talking with him. He is really nice person.
And I can understand easily his English.
I highly recommend to take his class.
junco kimura
- October 26, 2018
junco kimura
- October 26, 2018