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Travelling, learning new languages, exploring different cultures
Drawing, Hiking
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I origin
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Rock 'n roll
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Psychology studies

My name's Nency. I love being ESL teacher because it allows me to meet many amazing people and kids from different countries, and to enjoy our time together. I've been working at ITutor company where I've conducted 5 types of classes, and I reached position of Senior Consultant. After that I gained new new skills in Ignis company. All my previous experiences made me able to plan and organize lessons and activities according to student's needs and abilities. Classes included conversation lessons, reading, writing, grammar lessons. I'm always well-prepared for each class and I set high, but not unreasonable standards for my students. Also, I'm more than willing to accept suggestions and modify teaching methods based on student's needs and personalities. I'm sincerely interested in students' progress, always encourage them and ask for feedback regularly. The main goal is to show that learning English can be interesting and relaxing.

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Students Reviews

Sladjana Gregovic
- November 30, 2020
Nancy is very dedicated and pleasant person, and I enjoy learning English with her. Great teacher!
Sanja Mackic
- September 24, 2020
Amazing class as always. Nancy is a great teacher. It's my pleasure to work with her.
- September 24, 2020
Her explaining was easy understanding for me. I was not good at "describe a photo" before, but her training was enjoyable.
Nemanja Deljanin
- July 20, 2020
Nancy is versatile, positive, and her classes are really interesting. She has excellent pronunciation and really knows how to transfer knowledge to students. She is completely clear while explaining unknown terms, and she is truly creative when it comes to practicing them in conversation. She always neatly notes new words in the chatbox.
Jovanka Srdija
- May 23, 2020
I hope that I will get the hang of sales very soon.
- May 21, 2020
Velike pohvale za Nancy sa moje strane, veoma profesionalna i prijatna osoba !
Yao Mi
- May 19, 2020