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口语 口语 语法 语法 语音 语音 儿童 (4-13) 儿童 (4-13) 青少年 (14-19) 青少年 (14-19) 成年人 (20+) 成年人 (20+) 对孩子们非常好 对孩子们非常好 旅行爱好者 旅行爱好者 对初学者非常好 对初学者非常好 对 “讨论课“非常好 对 “讨论课“非常好 对中级和高级学生非常好 对中级和高级学生非常好 Certified Certified


High School - Iona Convent School BA English Language. 2008
TRAVEL. I worked on cruise ships for a while when I was younger and loved discovering different countries, culture, food, music. I am a Wanderlust fanatic.
Dancing. Hip Hop and Contemporary. Binge watching series (if they are good)
Fight Club. Avengers. (anything Marvel), Inception, The Departed
Hip Hop and Classical. (I grew up with Hip Hop and Classical music calms me down)
Brene Brown - Rising Strong; Paulo Coehlo: The Alchemist

I am happy to help you in this journey of discovering the English Language. My first love and ultimately my true love has been English. I studied this at University and because it is such a beautiful language I am still continuing working and studying in this field today. I am happy to take you on this journey of this language with me.

Leslie is an enthusiastic and friendly teacher. She will do her best to provide our students with the best learning experience. Her lovely personality will make every student come back to her class.


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