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Law University
Fashion&beauty, traveling, cars, art;
Cooking, watching movies, drawing, reading, listening music;
Favorite Movie(s)
Psychological thrillers, mystery, drama;
Favorite Music
Pop, house, r’n’b, drum and bass, latino;
Favorite Book(s)
Mistery, Thriller books. All time favorites: Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights

Hello, my name is Stacy, I am a Law student. I’ve been in love with this job for as long as I can remember, and now I love doing it, and spreading my knowledge on other people even more!

I’ve been working with students of all ages, mostly with adults, but I love working with kids, too! Since the first minute I started working online I fell in love with it, and I knew it right away that this was my call. I really enjoy traveling and meeting new people and learning about new cultures. Teaching online gave me that experience, too. I think that the biggest beauty in all of this is that it is benefitial for both, student and a teacher. I do not see this as a job, I see this more like a pleasure since I instantly start smiling when I turn on my camera and wait for my student. I am very curious as a person and I know a lot of random information and I noticed that people really like that about me.

I love listening and also I love sharing my own expiriences and stories. I love the feeling that I can help somebody in something so important as universal language of the world- English. Since I know how important and helpful it will be in the future. And me being a part of that journey for one person really gives me chills. I am working on myself everyday to become the best that I can be for my potential students. There is a lot more to say about me, but I think the best is just to see it for yourself.

Teacher Stacy is a lovely and cheerful teacher. Her love for English language makes her students feel welcome and happy on her classes. She enjoys seeing improvment and progress in her students and likes to share her excitment for English language.

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