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口语 口语 语音 语音 孩子 (4-13) 孩子 (4-13) 青少年 (14-19) 青少年 (14-19) 成年人 (20+) 成年人 (20+) 对孩子们非常好 对孩子们非常好 旅行爱好者 旅行爱好者 对初学者非常好 对初学者非常好 对“文化课”非常好 对“文化课”非常好 对 “描述一张照片课”非常好 对 “描述一张照片课”非常好 对 “讨论课“非常好 对 “讨论课“非常好 运动爱好者 运动爱好者 热爱摄影 热爱摄影 推荐免费讲座 推荐免费讲座 对“每日新闻课“非常好 对“每日新闻课“非常好


Student at the Belgrade University
Yoga, skiing, photography, languages, drawing, dancing, animals and pets, drama, amateur astronomy
Fitness, reading, joging
Same kind of different as me - Michael Carney
Christina Aguilera - Hurt
Guillaume Muso - Central park

Hello, my name is Mia. I am studying Social Work. While I was studying I was chosen to be a teaching assistant for two semesters. It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to combine my two passions: teaching and working with people. I am interested in sports, science, animals, dancing, music, languages, cars, etc. Considering that we can talk about almost any topic. Also, I know basics of German language and I love Turkish language, but I only know a few phrases. I hope you will help me in my mission to learn as many languages as possible. I believe that we will have a lot of fun learning together. See you in class!


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Students Reviews

- May 17, 2019
She always looks cheerful and smiley. Also she teaches me with great passion. Even I ask many questions, she always answers kindly and gently. It is my pleasure to study with her.
- April 10, 2019
Mia is very friendly. Her English pronunciation is clearly and easy to understand.
It was a wonderful class.