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Bachelors degree in Engineering
Arts, science, music
Video games, music, darts
Interstellar, Lord of the Rings
EDM, Rock&Roll, Classic
A Song of Ice and Fire

Hi! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have a bachelors degree in Road Traffic Engineering. I am an artistic person, science lover. I am an outgoing person, friendly, inquisitive and honest. I find fulfillment and joy in meeting new people and expanding my friendships. I find it easy to make friends and maintain good relationship with my family and friends. My dream is to have a modest life surrounded by people who love me. I like to think of myself as a humble person who would rather help others before himself. Teaching was a way for me to meet and help as many people as I can and I find it fulfilling and satisfying when I see the progress of my students. I feel grateful for the opportunity to talk with a lot of people from many different cultures.


Current display time zone is Asia/Shanghai.

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Students Reviews

junco kimura
- January 24, 2020
It was a very fun lesson
Candy Yang
- June 02, 2019
Good class
Candy Yang
- June 02, 2019
Good class
Candy Yang
- June 02, 2019
Good class
Candy Yang
- June 02, 2019
Good class
Yusei Nishimura
- June 01, 2019
Thank you very much for teaching my son!
Actually, I was a little bit worried about the class, because the teacher is not for children, but he is very nice to my son and teaches him very friendly.
The biggest reason I chose this teacher for my son is his pronunciation. When I checked his video, the pronunciation is excellent! I strongly recommend this teacher.

Violeta Zivadinovic
- March 22, 2019
Thank you Marjan. I hope that I will improve more. See you soon!
- March 08, 2019
Marjan is a very good teacher, he can help you solve English problems you can't understand. I learned a lot from his classes.
- January 09, 2019
His classes are very good. His explanations are always easy to understand for me.
roy C
- November 05, 2018
Happy to talk with Marjan, he's a nice tutor, recommended to take his course.
junco kimura
- October 12, 2018
junco kimura
- October 05, 2018
- August 25, 2018
Since he is so friendly and excellent to teach, I made a reservation again.
- August 14, 2018
He is so gentle and kind. So, it was nice having a lesson with you again, Marjan. Thank you for the pleasant conversation and time.
- August 05, 2018
- August 02, 2018
- August 02, 2018
- July 31, 2018