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Technician in Tourism Economist
Traveling, economy and international relations
Writing, drawing
La grande Belleca, Love Rosie
Clasical, Pop
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

My name is Maya. I finished University of Economics. I practiced Judo for about 12 years. Once, I was a champion of my country and I have 52 medals, most of them are silver. After my graduation I went to Italy and there I was a teacher to Italian students for market survey, so I really like to teach. Also, I love reading books and I know some things about Asian culture so it would be my pleasure to teach you.


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Students Reviews

- January 13, 2019
Maya is a great teacher. She loves to sharing and very patient.
When I don't understand some sentences, She willing to type in the skype.
she spent more than 25 minutes to teach me, I'm very thankful to her.
- January 09, 2019
I always enjoy conversation with her. She is constantly smiling during our class. And she is so funny and cute. I really like talking with her.
- October 29, 2018
A good teacher. And willing to share something.
We have a pleasant conversation.
Hope to see you again : )
- September 30, 2018