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Italian language Italian language Great for 'Culture' lessons Great for 'Culture' lessons Loves photography Loves photography Recommended for Free talk Recommended for Free talk Certified Certified


Grammar school 'Svetozar Marković' Niš, Course - Social Science and Languages Liceo classico di Aosta, Italy September AFS program, exchange student Course - History, Philosophy, Art History and Literature Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade Course - Italian language, culture and literature - major Spanish language – minor
Traveling and history
Photography, skiing and playing team sports like volleyball and basketball
Favorite Movie(s)
Good Will Hunting and Keanu
Favorite Music
Electronic and hip hop
Favorite Book(s)
Watership Down-Richard Adams

I am a student of Italian language and literature. I am a person who likes exploring different cultures and ways of life. I am very observant, insightful and empathetic and I love to help whenever I can. I love cooperating with people and I am an easy going person and I don’t get easily disturbed by down’s in my life. I also enjoy traveling, watching TV shows, going out with my friends, and having great intellectual conversations!

Nadia is a student of Italian language and literature. She loves exploring different ways of life. She also loves to help in every possible way so helping you with English or Italian will be a real pleasure for her. Other than that she is very positive and loves going out with her friends.

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Students Reviews

- August 12, 2019
Her pronunciation is very clear. It is easy to understand for me. And she is talkable, I really enjoyed conversation with her.
Naoko Wada
- August 28, 2018
Thank you so much today. I’m sorry my son disturbed our lesson. But I really enjoyed your class. You are so patient and kind.
- July 19, 2018
Nadia have been a really good teacher. Since she is cheerful, energetic and gave me a lot of advice, I would like to talk with her in the near future.
- May 21, 2018
She is professional and very responsible, she never late, it is a pleasure work with her.