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Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature
Learning languages ,reading books ..
Playing basketball and table tennis.
Favorite Movie(s)
'Dead Poets Society', 'The Revenant'
Favorite Music
Pop music
Favorite Book(s)
The Da Vinci Code', Dan Brown

My name is Ivan. I am from Serbia and I am 27 years old. I graduated from Faculty of Philosophy, English Language and Literature Department. Currently, I am on my MA studies and my interest is focused on English literature. My hobbies are team sports such as basketball, football, volleyball and table tennis. I also love listening to music in my spare time but also enjoy reading books and the contemporary Serbian writers are my favorites. Watching sports on TV, especially NBA and soccer, is one of my favorite activities. My interests are also languages. I speak Spanish and I have taught English and Serbian to Spanish students. Whenever I get a chance, I like reading articles on the Internet about interesting history facts. I have had 4 years of experience in teaching English with both kids and adults and plenty of seminars attended. I really enjoy my job and teaching English.

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Students Reviews

- December 07, 2018
It was our first class. When I said wrong sentences, he was typing correct sentences. So his class was really nice for me.