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Journalism department at Faculty of Philosophy
Music, Journalism
Music, Movies, Reading
Star Wars
Alternative rock, Ambient, Post Rock, Indie Rock
Hermann Hesse "Siddhartha"

My name is Hunter. I’m a musician and a journalist. With roughly 10 years of experience in both fields I’ve developed great social skills, learned a lot of valuable things and had a chance to talk to many world famous musicians by either interviewing them or playing a concert with them. I like talking to people because that way I can learn a lot of new things, and also they can learn some new things from me. I look forward to seeing you in my class and working with you!


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Students Reviews

Blue Lee
- June 17, 2019
Teacher Hunter is a very enthusiastic teacher. Glad that I can take his classes!
Candy Yang
- May 20, 2019
Good class
Candy Yang
- May 17, 2019
Good class
- February 24, 2019
He taught me very well. I think he is a good teacher.
- February 04, 2019
He is a teacher who is good at speech. good class
- December 25, 2018
We couldn't finish the lesson material, he extended the lesson time a bit . I appreciate it. And his explain was easy to understand for me.
junco kimura
- November 16, 2018
roy C
- November 10, 2018
Teacher Hunter is a nice teacher, thanks for teaching me some business lesson.
- October 12, 2018