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Medical School
Traveling, music, movies, getting familiar with other cultures..
Playing music, cacti, exploring...
Favorite Movie(s)
LOTR and SW trilogy, Man from Earth..
Favorite Music
Rock, modern, metal, fusion, prog, hip hop, world music..
Favorite Book(s)
Volvo trucks, Erlend Loe

My name is Phillip. I attended Medical high school. My first contact with the English teaching came pretty early. If you can think in a second language chances are that one day you can hope to master it. I like music, composing, traveling, animals, history, team sports. If you love teaching then you also love being taught by others, such is the way of growth. I think the best way to learn English is to stay relaxed and to strive for simplicity in the beginning. Afterwards take the learning curve head on and enjoy the adventure. See you in class!

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Students Reviews

- February 26, 2019
He was kind and taught me very well.
- February 21, 2019
Thank you very much for teaching me well.
I highly appreciate your class.
- February 04, 2019
He is a friendly teacher
- November 13, 2018
He is always smiling and patient.
- September 21, 2018