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History enthusiast History enthusiast Traveling enthusiast Traveling enthusiast Great for 'Culture' lessons Great for 'Culture' lessons Loves photography Loves photography Recommended for Free talk Recommended for Free talk Great with Intermediate and Advanced students Great with Intermediate and Advanced students


Psychology student, University of Nis
Volunteering, Music, Psychology..
Reading, playing guitar, riding a bicycle..
Favorite Movie(s)
The Founder, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest..
Favorite Music
Soul, hip-hop..
Favorite Book(s)
Jo Nesbo-The Bat

My name is Stanley. I am a 23-year-old student of Psychology, a science of the human mind, soul, and emotions. a teacher of English. I love teaching, volunteering and a work that involves me helping others. My hobbies involve riding a bicycle, hiking, and reading. I just love music! I'm outspoken, reliable and punctual. I consider myself a fun person. I think the best way to teach and learn English is having fun doing it. I like to identify the individual needs of every student and make them comfortable and confident. See you in class!

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