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里是爱好者 里是爱好者 旅行爱好者 旅行爱好者 对“文化课”非常好 对“文化课”非常好 运动爱好者 运动爱好者 热爱摄影 热爱摄影 热爱电脑游戏 热爱电脑游戏 推荐免费讲座 推荐免费讲座 对中级和高级学生非常好 对中级和高级学生非常好


Management in Business and Economy (Bachelors Degree)
Science, music, traveling
Horseback riding, Djing, Hiking
Silence of the lambs, The fearless vampire killers, Rosemary's baby, Rope
Classical, electronic, techno, rock, punk, pop, city pop…
Brave new world by Aldous Huxley

Hello, my name is Tina! I have a bachelors in management but I find myself being most interested in natural sciences. I enjoy spending time outdoors and am very passionate about sports, animals and nature. My hobbies include DJing, cooking, playing table tennis, horseback riding, hiking and binge watching movies and tv series which is perfect for cold rainy days. I am very fascinated by Asian history, culture, art, and am absolutely mad about Asian cuisine. I find languages to be very important so I try to learn as many as I can, and I will be very happy to help you with your English.


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Students Reviews

junco kimura
- July 30, 2020
I enjoyed your lesson a lot♪
Wendy Chen
- December 02, 2019
Miranda Wu
- November 17, 2019
How lucky I am to meet Tina teacher!!!
She is awesome and my English has improved identified.
浚昇 余
- October 23, 2019
Tina is a very enthusiastic teacher. She is friendly and I enjoyed the conversation with her a lot.
Blue Lee
- July 07, 2019
Tina is a very sweet, loving, and responsible teacher. She is the Queen of ELSD. Long live the Queen! ✨
Berry Chan
- April 30, 2019
It's so exciting to talk with Tina.She is so cute and friendly .And she is trying the best to let me know what her saying.Because her hard work,let me improve my English ability.I will keep going on.
Young Ho
- February 21, 2019
Great Lesson! Tina is a very nice tutor. She is so talkative that you can talk in lots of subjects! Her class is wonderful.
- February 06, 2019
It's wonderful time and good class, Tina is a very nice teacher.
Angela Kuo
- December 07, 2018
I enjoyed talking to Tina very much! She was willing to share somthing with me.I had a nice class with her!
Yura Nishimura
- November 05, 2018
This is my daughter’s first time to take her class. But she had a great time with Teacher Tina. She immediately realized my daughter’s level. Excellent! We have been taking online English lessons for more than 7 years, but she is one of the best! Thank you so much!
- November 03, 2018
Her classes are always very enjoyable.
Catherine Tsai
- October 19, 2018
Good Accent and really a good conversation class that not just give my answer for the questions but also get the feedback from Tina about her experience.
Mike Wu
- October 06, 2018
Fantastic class! Tina is a very friendly teacher and I like her recommendation of my pronunciation and the writer. I believe I will have the chance to meet her again soon.