Milena 5
出身地Serbia 受講生数57 累計レッスン数804
ビジネス ビジネス 口語 口語 文法 文法 発音 発音 大人(20+) 大人(20+) 高度人材の家庭教師 (3000レッスン以上)  高度人材の家庭教師 (3000レッスン以上)  旅行好き 旅行好き 「文化」のレッスンに最適 「文化」のレッスンに最適 フリートークにお勧め フリートークにお勧め 熟練した講師 (1500 レッスンを教えた)  熟練した講師 (1500 レッスンを教えた)  中級者・上級者向け 中級者・上級者向け デイリーニュースに最適 デイリーニュースに最適 TEFL TEFL


Faculty of Philosophy
Old movies, Books
Writing, Bicycling
Dead Poets Society, Lord of the Rings
Rock, Jazz, Pop
The Divine Comedy, Don Quijote

My name is Milena Stoilkovic, and I am 27 years old. I live in Serbia. I am studying languages and literature. My major is Serbian language, and minor is English. I have been studying English since I was nine years old, in my primary school, later in high school and in college. I give private Serbian language lessons, and also I have experience in teaching English via Skype. I love traveling, learning about new languages, people and cultures. In my spare time I like reading, spending time in nature and going out with my friends.


標準のタイムゾーンは Asia/Tokyoです。

時間 7月17日
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Naoko Takeda
- 2019年1月13日
She is really a nice person and she is a good teacher. She has a great knowledge. I am always enjoying her class.
Catherine TANG
- 2018年12月23日
She is a outgoing and lovely teacher.when I told with her I felt joyful and excited.Also,she is a great teacher.