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儿童 (4-13) 儿童 (4-13) 青少年 (14-19) 青少年 (14-19) 成年人 (20+) 成年人 (20+) 高技能辅导(超过 3000 课) 高技能辅导(超过 3000 课) 对孩子们非常好 对孩子们非常好 旅行爱好者 旅行爱好者 对初学者非常好 对初学者非常好 对 “讨论课“非常好 对 “讨论课“非常好 推荐免费讲座 推荐免费讲座 Certified Certified


Professor of the English language and Literature( currently I am writing my thesis '' Teaching lexicology in primary school'')
Traveling, finding out different customs in different countries, trying different food and meeting people from different parts of the world
My hobbies are listening to music, watching movies, go for long walks, and hanging out with my friends.
The Great Gatsby and A New Star Was Born
Pop music
The Great Gatsby

I am simply born to be a teacher. I simply enjoy teaching and I like motivating my students to improve their English. My hobbies are: traveling,listening to music, walking, reading books and watching movies.


Current display time zone is Asia/Shanghai.

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