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Master's degree in Economics
Archeology, cultural differences, marketing
Reading books, watching dramas, playing tennis, gym exercising
The Da Vinci Code, Inception
American pop, k- pop
Memoirs of a Geisha

Hi students! My name is Natalie and it will be my pleasure to help you and guide you as you learn the universal language in a simple and fun way! I have Master's degree in Economics and teaching experience in online English schools for more than 1.5 years so far.

I love chatting with people all around the globe and am extremelly passionate about teaching English. I have worked with all categories of students, including children and adults, I consider myself as patient, hard-working, well organized, talkative person with warm and friendly attitude. Feel free to book and join my class! Can't wait to have an enjoyable time with you!


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Students Reviews

Marina Kreculj
- March 05, 2021
She kept it in strict confidence