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Master's degree in English philology and teaching, Bachelor's degree in English language and literature
Languages, travelling, construction designs
Travelling, family time
Favorite Movie(s)
Thrillers and comedies
Favorite Music
Pop music
Favorite Book(s)
Life-based books are my favorites

Hello, I am teacher Bee! I am a graduated professor of the English language and literature, with a Master's degree in English philology and teaching! I have been teaching English for the last 13 years! I have been working with students of all ages, from very young learners to adult learners!

Learning English must be fun, and my lessons are always super fun! My biggest passion, besides teaching, is spending time with my children and travelling! My favorite foreign country is Italy and I am also fluent in Italian!

Learning English can be a wonderful journey, let’s do it together! I hope to see you in my classroom!

Teacher Bee is highly energetic, very experienced and professional tutor.

Whether you are a complete beginner or you wish to bring your English to a high level, tutor Bee is a choice for you!

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Students Reviews

- September 29, 2020
She is pretty friendly and cheerful. I could quite enjoyed her class. I hope to have her class again.