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John Naisbitt University
Bunnies, blogging, music
Writing my blog about bunnies.
Favorite Movie(s)
Hunger games, The best of me, Beauty and the beast...
Favorite Music
Pop music
Favorite Book(s)
"Remember me?"

Well organized, punctual, loves teaching and meeting new people.

Interests: I love doing make up and I always wanted to become a make up artist.

I also love writing and I started doing it when I was in Elementary school.

Since I have two dwarf bunnies I have a "bunny blog" on Instagram where I spread my knowledge on how to properly take care of them.

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Students Reviews

Mladen Vasilijević
- December 15, 2020
Nice morning chat.
Mladen Vasilijević
- December 03, 2020
Thanks for talk, it was very nice speaking with someone.
Have a nice day and see you soon