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口语 口语 语法 语法 语音 语音 儿童 (4-13) 儿童 (4-13) 青少年 (14-19) 青少年 (14-19) 成年人 (20+) 成年人 (20+) 对孩子们非常好 对孩子们非常好 对初学者非常好 对初学者非常好 对“文化课”非常好 对“文化课”非常好 对 “讨论课“非常好 对 “讨论课“非常好 Certified Certified


MA in psychology (PhD Candidate in Psychology program)
Psychology, psychotherapy, education
Cooking, baking and solving jigsaw puzzles
The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain, Wonder, Captain Marvel, and The Avengers
The Fortress by Mesa Selimovic

Hello, my name is Maria. I have master's in psychology and currently I'm doing PhD in Clinical Psychology. Besides being in love with science, I am very passionate about books, superhero movies, house plants, cooking and taking care of my baby dog Pablo. I love traveling and my life goal is to visit as many countries as I can and meet other cultures and their local cuisine. I personally believe that speaking a foreign language is a window to the world and I'll be more than happy to help you to create that window!



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Students Reviews

- September 15, 2020
Teacher was great!
Jovanka Srdija
- July 20, 2020
Marija has wonderful energy and enthusiasm. I really enjoy during classes and becoming more confident.