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BA degree in English Language and Teaching
Reading and learning languages
Snowboarding and hiking
Crime movies/Adventure movies
Hip-hop / country music
Crime books

Hello everyone!

My name is Ivy! I have a BA degree in English language and teaching. I have been working as online tutor for more than three years. I am well educated in my field and I do my work with with passion. I am certificated TESOL and TEFL teacher.

Being able to see that someone from the other side is falling in love with a language because you have helped him/her to discover it , is an amazing feeling which I am not able to describe with words. I hope to see you in class.


我是Icy!别看我的名字冷冷的,但是我是非常热情的一位老师哦!我拥有英语教学专业的文学学士学位,已从事在线英语辅导已经超过三年了。我拥有TESOL和TEFL的双认证。我真心的热爱英语教学这份工作,不仅仅是因为我的专业, 更是因为我享受帮助学生征服英语的过程。对于英语学习,大家抖擞好精神,向着英语学习之路,我们一起出发吧!let's go!


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