1. In the morning

Rise and shine!


1. When do you usually wake up? Describe your morning routine?

2. What is your favourite food for breakfast? How do you make it?

3. How do you decide what to wear that day? Describe your favourite clothes combination.

4. How do you feel when you wake up, are you always motivated to do your daily tasks?

5. Describe your trip from home to work/school ? 

6. When do you like more to wake up early, in winter or in the summer? Describe the scenery from your window.

7. What kind of coffee do you like to drink? Do you make it by yourself, describe the way how you do it?

8. How do you feel when somebody wakes you up too early, and how do you react?

9.  Describe one situation when you were late for work/school, what happened?

10. '' The last but not the least'' How do you spend your weekend mornings ?