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Skype Conversations - The best way to improve your language skills

It is very encouraging to think how technology brings people together and makes knowledge available from across the world. All you need to do is sign up for your Skype account and you can start your adventure. Unlike group classes in a classroom or private lesson with a tutor online learning gives you much more freedom.

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ClassIn Functions

  • Excellent learning atmosphere

    Excellent learning atmosphere

  • Live Broadcast

    Live Broadcast

  • Cloud Disk

    Cloud Disk

  • Lesson Notes

    Lesson Notes

  • Cross-platform Support

    Cross-platform Support

Live Cooperation (interaction)

Get in touch with your tutor and get the best way to work together by working together live. During interactive lectures, you can work together in order to handle different materials - tasks, notes, worksheets, etc. Learning this way enables a faster and a more comprehensive approach to language; with the vigorous support of the tutor mistakes are quickly corrected and dilemmas easily resolved.

Student's Wishes

In order to meet your needs in the best possible way, we offer you the opportunity to choose lessons, materials and topics that you will go over with the tutor. Everything you select can be marked in the STUDENT'S BOX(or corner –optional)section when scheduling your time, and your tutor will readily honor your interests.

Another option is to let an experienced tutor take the lead and rely on an agreement with them when choosing a lesson for that day, as well as plans for further work.

Flawless Organization

We will help you complete your obligations on time. In today’s fast pace it is not easy for people to be constantly focused on all of their tasks and to always plan a variety of activities in a timely manner. Fortunately it's easy for us, thanks to options for a calendar organization and scheduling of lectures and the use of reminders. You will easily restore everything you have learned through the available review of past lessons, notes, homework. With good organization, you are closer to success and the achievement of your goal.

Student's box

Everything you learn you can easily go over again thanks to a report that's available to you after each lesson you've learned. No later than 12 hours after the completed Skype conversation with the tutor, you will receive a report from that class - a review of new words and expressions, the lesson content, a personal message about your progress or the tasks ahead of you. Learning with us is really easy!

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