How to use classroom tools?

1. On the stage  - after taking the stage, the teacher and other students can see the students on the stage.

2.Under the stage  - students in the audience can learn normally, but they can't interact with the teacher, and they won't be seen by other people.

Authorized  - After being authorized by the teacher, you can use the gadgets in the classroom to interact with the teacher, and other students will also see the interactive blackboard content.

Gadgets in the classroom


Choose to move - click on it and you can drag the content on the board.

Brushes - With colored brushes, you can draw eye-catching markers that let the teacher quickly notice you.

Typing - brush writing may be too slow, so you can type on the blackboard with the teacher and other classmates.



Screenshot - You can cut the image in the classroom, and you can also cut the image on the desktop to the blackboard. How do you plan to use it? Open your brain hole!

Delete - Wrong? It can help you delete extra pictures and text on the blackboard!

Raise your hand to speak - If you need to ask questions during class, you can use the long press "lift your hand" to signal the teacher.

Chat - In the chat box, you can send messages to teachers and classmates, and they will be seen by everyone in the classroom.

Question - If you are not allowed to speak, or your mic isn't on, you can use the Question tab in the Chat box to ask a question to the teacher. 

Device Switching - Here you can switch other audio and video devices on your computer.

After class evaluation

After the class is closed, students can give an evaluation of the teacher's lecture. It is convenient for teachers to collect student feedback.



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