How to pay for the lesson plan

1. Please click here on the website to see our lesson plans. 


2. Choose the lesson plan you would like to purchase. (In this case, we will explain how to buy Native lesson plan. Note that procedure is the same for every lesson plan)


2.1 If you are not logged in click here to log in. If you don’t have an account on our website, click here to register -


3. Here, you will see details about your account. Scroll down/swipe up to continue with payment.

3.1 Be sure to fill in all the required blanks

3.2 Please type the name that is on your credit/debit card

3.3 Put your cursor here to see the example 

3.4 Please check this box if you agree to the terms of use and eLSDevelopment's privacy policy in order to continue with the payment.

3.5 Click here to continue with the payment 

3.6 After you fill in all the blanks click here to complete the payment