How to book a lesson?

1.  Click here to log in:

2.  Enter e-mail address;

3.  Enter password;

4.  Click to log in to your account:

5.  Click here to find your desired teacher:

6This is our filter and tag section section. In this section you will be able to choose a desired tag. For example: if you would like to study on Tuesday in the afternoon, be sure to mark ‘Afternoon and Tuesday’ tags. That way, you will be able to see available tutors in desired time, country, age range, country of residence and many more tags we have provided for our customers.

6.1  Click here when you mark all the desired tags so you can find the available teachers who meet your requirements:

6.2  Click on desired tutor to see the schedule:

6.3  This is tutor’s profile. 

6.4  Here, you can see tutor’s tags and interests.

6.5  Tutor’s schedule. Here you can see all the available slots you can book at your convenience. (scroll down/swipe up to see the schedule):

6.6  Click on ‘RESERVE’ to book your class. For example: if you want to book the class on Monday at 19:30, click on reserve for that time (picture example). When you click the ‘RESERVE’ button, the website will show the details for that class on page ‘Make Reservation’ (see next step).

6.7  This is the ‘Make reservation’ page. Here you will be able to choose and change the details for your upcoming class.

6.7.1 Review the class reservation details (student, teacher, schedule time (your timezone) and your subscription plan)

6.7.2 Click here to choose your class subject:

6.7.3 In this section you will be able to choose details for the ‘Introduction part’ ; ‘Correction needed’ ; And you can add some of your notes and requirements in the ‘Special note’ part. By clicking ‘Make reservation’ button, your class will be booked.

6.8 After you click ‘Make reservation’ button, the website will show you ‘Reservation details’ where you can see all details for the reserved class.


7. Click here to go to ‘My account’ page:

7.1 Click here to browse our great collection of lessons.

7.2 Click here to review your lessons

7.3 Click here to review your orders

7.4 By clicking on ‘My profile’ (contact email, contact phone, Skype ID, address, time zone) and ‘My account’ (password, subscription plan) buttons, you will be able to edit your profile on our website. 

7.5 Click here to start the cancellation action

7.6 Confirm here

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