10 Hot Technology Products at CES 202010 Hot Technology Products at CES 2020

Each year, the consumer electronics show, or CES, presents new technology developments across many industries.

The event is going on this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a chance for companies to launch their latest products aimed at making life easier, more productive and fun.

Here is a list of some of the most interesting products introduced at CES 2020.

8K televisions

The show is always a favorite place for companies to release their latest televisions (TVs). This year was no different. Several manufacturers released large models with 8K, which is considered the highest quality standard. Samsung showed off a new 8K version that brings the picture right to the edge of the TV.

A TV that acts as a phone

Samsung also introduced a TV that can be used to watch videos designed for a smartphone. The Sero TV does this by turning itself from the normal TV position to an upright position that looks like the shape of a phone. The TV can connect to mobile devices to play the video directly from the phone.

The TV is already for sale in South Korea for about $1,600. The company says it is designed to appeal to “the mobile generation.” Samsung says it plans to expand Sero’s availability “to several global markets in 2020.”

Smart waste can

A company called TOWNEW presented a waste that can be designed for the home that does a lot of the dirty work on its own. When the can is full, the user touches a button to activate the machine’s smart abilities. The device then completely seals the waste bag inside and puts a new one in place, all by itself. They can then raise its top so the user can pick up and throw away the bag.

Snore stopping pillow

People who snore when they sleep might be helped by the “Motion Pillow.” This smart pillow is designed to collect information about the sleeper’s head position and breathing during the night. The system then uses this data to change the shape of the pillow, with the help of built-in airbags. The idea is that by changing the pillow, the sleeper’s head will move just enough to improve airflow through the nose and reduce snoring.

A sitting Segway

Segway people movers have been around for years, but the company used CES to announce its new S-Pod model. The new transporting “pod” looks like a small chair with wheels. The company says its new model is designed to be used in enclosed areas such as airports, amusement parks, and shopping malls.

Phone charger and car battery saver

Mophie announced a new charging device that can wirelessly charge smartphones, and also be used to start a car with a dead battery. The Powerstation Go comes with two USB openings for device charging, as well as car battery connectors and powerful light.

Phone charger and car battery saver

Mophie announced a new charging device that can wirelessly charge smartphones, and also be used to start a car with a dead battery. The Powerstation Go comes with two USB openings for device charging, as well as car battery connectors and powerful light.

Invisible car hood

The automobile industry company Continental showed off a new technology that seems to make the front end of a vehicle disappear. Continental says the technology, called “Transparent Hood,” aims to make driving safer and easier. Cameras provide video of the area underneath the vehicle, permitting the driver to see objects and road conditions that might present danger.

Virtual keyboard

Samsung provided the first look at a technology that can turn just about any surface into a device keyboard. The virtual keyboard is called “SelfieType.” The system uses a device’s camera to analyze finger movements as the “type” on a flat surface and shows the results on the phone. Samsung says the virtual keyboard does not require any other equipment besides a mobile device. The technology is still being tested.

Wearable air purifier

A company called Aō Air introduced a wearable air purifier. The device is designed to be a high-tech face covering to block pollution. The purifier pulls air through a filtration system and then uses fans to create a small area of clean air at the front of the device. The company says the design permits the air to be purified -- without the need for a solid seal.

Toilet paper robot

And finally, personal products company Procter & Gamble presented a robot that can serve people as they use the toilet. The robot was described by the company’s Charmin division as a “first-of-its-kind” invention. The small, self-balancing robot can be controlled by a smartphone to bring bathroom users a fresh roll of paper without ever having to leave the toilet seat.



Discuss the following vocabulary with your teacher

standard – n. an idea or thing used as a measure, norm or model for comparative purposes

  • She lowered her standards.

seal – v. close off

  • I've got someone coming up here to seal the place off.

snore – v. to breathe in a noisy way while sleeping

  • I was told that I tend to snore when I fall into a deep sleep

pillow – n. a soft object used to rest the head during sleep

  • I always carry my own pillow with me even when I travel.

amusement park – n. a large park with rides

  • His birthday this year will be held at a local amusement park

battery – n. an object that provides electricity for things

  • I didn't realize that his car required a battery in order to drive on the track.

visor – n. something used to block sunlight from the eyes

  • On the cruise ship's one of the best selling items is a visor.

windshield – n. the window at the front of a vehicle

  • It was difficult to see the road as the windshield was dirty.

virtual – adj. something used or stored by means of a computer

  • She had been a virtual prisoner in the cabin since she had seen the snake on the porch.

analyze – v. To examine details of something carefully

  • My therapist always tends to over-analyze the situation.

type – v. to write something by using a keyboard

  • Since I have been working I tend to type faster.

filtration – n. the process of using a filter to remove solids from liquids or gasses

  • The town received a water filtration system.

toilet – n. a bowl that you sit on or stand near when you get rid of waste substances from your body

  • I always tend to go to the toilet before a big road trip.



Answer the following questions about the article

  1. What is 8k TV?
  2. How much does a Sero phone cost in South Korea?
  3. What did the TOWNEW company create?
  4. What is the pillow to assist to help people snoring called?


Make a sentence

Make a sentence using the following words

  • standard
  • seal
  • snore 
  • pillow
  • amusement park
  • battery
  • visor
  • windshield
  • virtual
  • analyze
  • type
  • filtration
  • toilet



Have a discussion on the following questions

  1. What is the most exciting technology on this list?
  2. Which is the least exciting product on this list?
  3. What do you think will sell the most in your county and why?
  4. Is there that you have already heard of before reading this article?