Our Objective

The goal of eLSDevelopment is to improve the knowledge of foreign languages in order to enable people around the world access to different opportunities.

In recent decades the need for an international language, such as English, is growing. When people learn new language they open up new doors for themselves, both on a personal and on a business plan, connecting with each other.

In most classical school systems, teaching foreign language has shown many disadvantages: insufficient number of lessons, focus on theoretical knowledge and grammatical rules, reading and writing new words as well as passive listening, without active participation in the conversation.

What enables the fastest learning of any foreign language is the possibility of direct communication, a live conversation with the interlocutor. Quality language learning is not just the learning of new words, phrases and grammatical rules, but also their practical use. Therefore, our approach to learning is based on everyday conversation, which significantly shortens and deepens the learning process, making it more interesting.

About The Company

eLSDevelopment, a foreign language learning platform, is an international company that has carefully selected and gathered a team of experienced tutors, native and international (from all countries of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia etc.). Based on their many years of experience in working with students of different nationalities, they noticed a growing need for learning an English language precisely in the Chinese language area. Although English is a mandatory subject in elementary and secondary schools, the level of daily conversation is a problem for students. We have a solution for that.

Through the modern approach to language learning, we try to open countless new ways of communication and friendship between China and the world. Both at the global, and at the individual level, we create links between those who want to learn with those who like to teach. By maintaining the high quality criteria we overcome the shortcomings of existing education systems and create a friendly environment in which learning is easy and interesting.

We are pleased to meet people with wide range of interests and satisfy the desire of Chinese people to learn about other cultures and to speak English.

About Platform

eLSDevelopment is an online platform where students can learn, have lessons through video chat, and interact with professional tutors.

For many people, time for language learning is very limited during the day. The tight schedule does not allow you to have classes whenever. Thanks to the video-chat system, learning is not limited by space, you can carry your lectures with you wherever you are. With ClassIn, your smartphone, tablet, computer becomes your classroom. Also, the hours of the lessons will be tailored to fit your needs.


People with whom it is easy to learn

The eLSDevelopment tutors meet the high quality and competency criteria in the field of language, as well as the requirement of long-standing experience in transferring knowledge to students from various parts of the world. An international or native tutor will be your guide and associate at every moment of learning. If you choose a native tutor whose native language is English, be certain that you will be able to master exclamation, accent, slang, and that you will get to know the original spirit of the language. If you choose a tutor who is not native, you will have in front of you an interlocutor who fully understands all the difficulties in mastering the knowledge of a foreign language. In both cases, quality is unquestionable. Choose your tutor and start your learning process.

Patience, support, understanding

Feel free to ask questions. The most effective learning is accomplished through open communication. At the beginning of a foreign language learning process it is a challenge for students to start and conduct a fluid conversation. This is perfectly understandable, given the big differences between Chinese and English - in grammar, syntax, pronunciation. Through a pleasant conversation, your tutor will patiently help you to gain new knowledge, renew and apply the acquired knowledge in order to become confident and skilled.

We strive to constantly improve our services so that you can achieve the best possible results and it is important for us to hear your opinion. Share with us the impressions of cooperation with the tutor.