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Be sure that eLSDevelopment offers high quality service. In a pleasant atmosphere, with the professional guidance of our highly-qualified tutors, you can learn English and have fun at the same time.
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Quality, Flexibility, Dedication.

Take the opportunity to learn according to your needs. Choose the tutor that suits you best, choose where and when you will learn. We create a high quality and a pleasant learning environment, in which you will not find it difficult to speak a foreign language. Thanks to our care, there is no doubt that you will be satisfied with your progress and that you will perform all your obligations on time.

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Learning is easy through an interesting conversation. You can choose the lessons and topic of conversation according to your interests. We offer you a large selection of learning materials, as well as a report after each lesson of the material passed.

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People with whom you will collaborate and who will help you in the learning process are highly qualified and dedicated tutors, native as well as international (from countries of Europe, USA, Canada). Tutors are carefully chosen to be a part of our team not only because of their expertise, but also for their ability to have an open and friendly conversation.

Browse the profiles of the tutors and schedule a trial lesson to find the right tutor that suits you. When you find your tutor, you can ask questions and talk about learning problems without any hesitation. Be sure that you will see patience, support and willingness to cooperate. Our tutors are not only professional, they are also enthusiastic fans of their profession, they are people who find pleasure in teaching and helping people to achieve their goals, personal and professional dreams.

What do our customers think about us

"I was impressed at the trial class. The atmosphere was pleasant, the professor smiled. There was no reason for nervousness, although my English was very bad. She said with a smile that we would fix it soon!"
"I am happy that I started to learn English with eLSDevelopment, because I have met not only professional tutors but also incredible personalities full of understanding and kindness. I recommend them definitely."
"It is great that my teacher and I exchange stories in which we learn a lot about our different cultures, customs and nations. I can’t wait for the next lesson and our new chat!"

Free Trial!

Free Trial!

Totally free, one 25 minute lesson is available to you.

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